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Determining your audience

You have been writing for a little while now and you are starting to feel a bit more comfortable with putting your work out there for the public to see. How can you determine which audience to target? Your audience should be filled with the people who will be the most receptive to your work.… Continue reading Determining your audience


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Basic writing mistakes to avoid

  You have decided to start writing and you feel that you are making some good progress. You should be proud of this, but it’s also important to know that writing is a learning experience that requires a lot of dedication to excel at. This will sometimes mean learning from others so you don’t repeat… Continue reading Basic writing mistakes to avoid

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Realistic writing expectations

Writing can be a very personal thing. It can be easy to lose yourself in a story and to spend time thinking about it when you are otherwise occupied. It can also be rather easy to enjoy cultivating new worlds for your characters to spend their time and picturing others sinking into these places too.… Continue reading Realistic writing expectations