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The benefits of working with an agent

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You have been writing for a little while now and you’ve done quite well on your own. This makes you wonder – do you really need an agent like so many writers insist?

In order to create the writing career you’d like to have, you will need to think about what is required to make this happen. You may not need an agent to break into the fields you are interested in or it may be something that you don’t need to look into until you’ve built up a bit more of a resume. However, there are some aspects of writing that make having an agent absolutely essential.

An agent is someone who is on your side and believes in your work. This personal can help offer honest feedback and help you find ways to get your work to where it needs to be. They are also experts in the industry with plenty of experience to draw from. This means they may have connections and knowledge that can help your work be seen in areas you might not have had access to before. They also act on your behalf to negotiate contracts and present new work you’ve finished.

While this may be helpful to some, it is a downright necessity to others. There are some publishers who won’t even take a look at your work unless it is submitted through an agent. This means that you won’t have a chance of anyone in these businesses picking up your writing unless you have someone to properly submit it for you. This means that some writers will need to have an agent even if they feel capable of handling these tasks on their own.

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