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Is your story any good?

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You have begun writing a story that you’re excited about. You’ve done your best to map out your plot and you’ve taken quite a while trying to create compelling characters. However, you’re having second thoughts now that you’ve gotten further into the process. How can you tell if your story is any good?


You have a lot riding on your work and you want to make sure you are putting your best foot forward. It can be difficult to determine if you have the next big this in your hands or if your idea will fall flat with others. This is where a bit of investigating comes into play.


Think about your work and determine how you feel about your story. Is it interesting? Will others care about what’s happening? Why will people relate to what you have to say? Will you be able to finish it in way you are happy with?


Take a look at the current market in the genre and age-group you are writing for. Think about how your work fits into this category and determine how receptive others will be to your story. Will this be a difficult piece to get to your audience? Is it completely out in left field?


If you like the answers you’re coming up with, take the time to determine what you can do to get some input from others. Let some people you trust read your first draft and talk about your piece with your writing group. Be sure to remain open minded when it comes to your story and remember that it takes quite a while to develop something amazing. Getting an outsider’s perspective can be helpful because it will help you see what your readers might be thinking when they are reading your work.


Think about what others have to say, and try to look at your work objectively. Try to evaluate your next step without getting too emotionally involved. It can be difficult to scrap a piece you feel attached to, even if it isn’t working. It’s important to remember that changes can be made and that you can easily come back to this story if you feel the need to in the future.


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