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Discouraging thoughts


You have always taken a lot of pride in your writing and you can’t help but feel like you’ve put your all into your work. This is why it can be so disheartening to hear someone reject you.

How can you handle the discouraging thoughts that come with rejection?

There is a time in every writer’s life when their work isn’t being looked at in the light they had wanted it to be. This may be because someone doesn’t take the time to appreciate the piece, it simply doesn’t fit in where it’s trying to be placed, or it may be because it simply isn’t up to the standards it should be. Whatever the reason, it can hurt to see something you worked so hard on be tossed to the side.

It can also be a learning experience. Remember that if you did your best, and that you couldn’t have possibly done any better to improve upon the piece. Don’t take it personally if rejection follows a ton of work as it likely isn’t the right place for placement there anyway. If this isn’t the case and there is still work to be done, get to it. Determine what changes can be made to improve and figure out how you can get your piece to where it needs to be.

The feeling of rejection can make you question if you are on the right path or even if you are any good at writing. Don’t let it. Remember that just like any other job, you need to be the best to succeed. Maybe your work was great but they found something a bit better. Maybe what they chose wasn’t better at all, but just different. Maybe they aren’t seriously considering submissions at this time and your rejection had nothing to do with your piece in the slightest bit.

Remember that it happens to everyone and that this will just make an acceptance feel that much better when it actually does happen. Understand that there are a lot of ways your work can be seen and that it can take some time to get it out there.

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