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Basic writing mistakes to avoid


You have decided to start writing and you feel that you are making some good progress. You should be proud of this, but it’s also important to know that writing is a learning experience that requires a lot of dedication to excel at. This will sometimes mean learning from others so you don’t repeat their mistakes.

One of the biggest mistakes writers often make early in their careers is simply negating the advice they get. They may get some constructive criticism they decide to ignore because they think they know better than the individual who is trying to help them or they may go in a direction a professional advises them not to go. This could mean that they are making the right move on their own, but it isn’t likely the case.

Many writers have this idea in their head about creating a novel on their own and having it sparkle right from the start. This isn’t realistic. Most novels will take a long time to complete and the rewriting and editing phases may take even longer than the initial planning and drafting.

It’s also a team effort to create a book if you are publishing by any sort of traditional medium. This means that you aren’t alone on this project. Sure, it might be your baby, but a lot of other people are helping you raise it to the point where it’s ready to go out into the world. They want your work to shine too, and are simply using their own expertise to help it get where it needs to be.

To make your work as good as it can be, it may mean cutting out things you love. There may be scenes you’ve become fond of or spent a lot of time working on that you have to cut for one reason or another. Don’t hesitate to do this. You want to make sure everything in your story is there for a reason. If you go on and on, your reader will put your book down and won’t be likely to pick it back up again.


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