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A day in the life of a writer


If you are just beginning your journey as a writer, you may be wondering how others go about working this time into their day. The answer may surprise you, but this will of course depend on who you are asking.

Someone who writes for a living will likely have large chunks of time set aside for writing. These will be designated work times that may conform to traditional business hours. They may also be when the individual seems to feel the most productive or when things quiet down in their household so they can really dive into their work.

Others may have to work outside of the home, care for children, or have other activities competing for their time throughout the day. These people may make time for their writing whenever they have a free moment or two. They may get up early or stay up a bit late to get in some writing in the hours before and after their households are up and moving about. They may jot down ideas in parking lots while picking up family members or use their lunch hours to get some words onto paper.

A day in the life of a writer simply means that some writing took place at some point in some manner.

There is no designated routine that will work for everyone. You will need to find a schedule that works for you and do your best to stick to it. Guard your writing time fiercely because it is easy to let it slip through your fingers. Remember that you can make this what you want it to be, so take the time to figure out what that may be.

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