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Before starting your first draft…


You have an idea and you can’t wait to get it down on paper. What should you do before getting into your first draft?

You may have a wonderful idea and fleshing it out makes you think about how much fun writing this story out in full will be. However, it might be beneficial to take the time to gather your thoughts a bit before jumping straight into your initial draft to save you a headache or two.

Beginning with getting your ideas on paper, you can take the time to determine where your thoughts will take you in the form of some note. Even simply jotting down some thoughts can be helpful, but most people will take the time to develop this into an outline of some sort. Every writer will have their own habits and style of getting things together, but it can make a big difference in the overall time spent writing and rewriting if some initial prep work is done.

This time will help you have a better idea of where you’re headed, which allows you to have a clearer picture of the best way to get there. It will help you write a better initial draft and it will often keep you from writing yourself into a corner. This can keep you from scrapping extra writing and help you stay on track overall.

It can help you write a bit faster when it does come time to write your first drat as you will have things figured out a bit and you will have had the time to gather any information needed to make your story work. You will know what you need to research from your time thinking about your idea so you can make sure to have this information available to you when you sit down to write.

This extra bit of thought can also help prevent you from wasting your time on idea that won’t work out in the end. Taking the time to think these things through can be the difference between dedicating a lot of time to something that you will simply set aside in the future and moving on to something that will be a bit more realistic to turn into a finished piece.


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