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Choosing your scenes wisely


You have spent a lot of time trying to come up with the best ideas you possibly can. You’ve thought about them a ton of different ways, you’ve made an effort to polish up your words a bit and you’ve fallen in love with some of the scenes you have put onto paper. You may want to put them all into your work because you’ve made them sparkle. Does this mean they are all keepers?

You may have a personal affinity for portions of your writing, but this doesn’t mean that every single scene that you love is ideal for the piece you have it in. It’s important that you are writing in a way that your readers will identify with so they are able to follow your story. This may mean cutting some scenes that are unnecessary and reworking others to make them ideal for the message you are trying to portray.

Choosing your scenes wisely means that you are making sure that everything you write is relevant. Everything that makes it into your finished work should have value in your story. This means that these stories will not only mean something to you but will also mean something to the readers. Keeping a scene that isn’t ideal for your piece or neglects to move the story forward risks leaving the reader disinterested. Make sure there is a reason the scene is there if it is to stay, like helping the reader get to know the character better.

The more you are able to cut from your writing without mangling the story, the better the pacing will be. This will help to hold interest and help the development of your plot flow a bit more easily. It will also make the scenes you have seem more meaningful.

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