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There is a lot of wonderful aspects to writing and some of them will be more obvious than others. It can be easy to get caught up in the fun portions, particularly when they come as nicely packaged as some of the writing supplies that are on the market today. This makes a lot of people wonder what they really need to be a writer, as if purchasing an item or two would make their decision to put their words into the word seem a bit more real.

This simply isn’t the case.

Having an office filled with designer notebooks and different colored pens might be nice for some, but it won’t help you make your point any more clearly. In fact, this can distract you from all the work you really need to do to get your writing out into the world. Some of these items will feel satisfying to use, and offer an illusion of productivity. They seemingly set you up to work when what you could be doing instead of collecting them is actually working.

There are some items that are helpful to have around in order to get your creativity flowing, but these will vary from person to person. A notebook to jot down ideas, a pen or pencil, and a laptop will likely be the base of your work instruments. If you find items outside of this that help you stay organized and might be of actual use, feel free to bring them into your writing space. However, you will need to be careful with what you deem worthy of a spot in your home, as many of these things can simply turn into clutter.

Think about the way you tend to keep and use your writing space and make an effort to only bring home items that will work within this area. You may have an entire office to dedicate to your craft or simply a small laptop bag that you put your computer into after you finish up writing on the living room couch. Whatever you are working with, make your supplies fit into this space so you are able to only bring home what you will actively utilize.


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