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Why I started writing


A lot of people ask about my writing when it comes up in conversation. Some people want to know what I write about or what it’s like working from home. Others want to know what made me follow this path, as it certainly seems a bit easier to find work in other fields at times.

I started writing because I wanted to do so. This can be a very rewarding experience, whether you utilize it as a career or simply a hobby. It can help you sort through your thoughts and learn a bit about yourself as well.

Writers will often tell you that they write to express themselves. They have something to say and this is how they are best able to get the words out.

I think I started because I love stories. I always have. I’ve always been an avid reader, and it baffled me that some people could make sense of their lives without a rich literary world to sink into from time to time. I depended on those stories and those characters so much that I felt they were essential to my life. I needed to interact with them to stay sane.

I think good writing can help bring people together too. It helps you understand someone else and lets you really get to know someone in a way that can be difficult to do during a typical daily interaction. Reading good writing helped me develop a love for this type of deep, soul-touching contact and I wanted to be on more than just the receiving end.

I knew that there was a lot I learned from reading other people’s work and it was a nice idea to think that I could help bring something of value to another person’s life by writing. Even if only one person in the world ever resonated with what I had to say, it might be just what that person needed to hear at the time.

I wanted to reach out to people in a way I didn’t feel able to in my regular life and be heard by people who understood what I was saying, so I started to write.


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