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Will your readers care?


You want your writing to be thought provoking and fun, so you take the time to think about what will make the most impact on your readers. Still, you wonder just how much your readers will care about the words you are so artfully arranging on the page.

To makes sure your readers are invested in the story, you will need to bring them in from the very beginning. Every story is different, so there may be some where you find yourself writing about things that may be trivial in someone else’s life but be huge plot twists in yours. If your characters never had running water before and are suddenly in a place that has a fully functioning shower, this will be a much bigger deal to them than it will be to someone who hops in the tub every morning to clean off. It’s not necessarily the event itself that your readers will care about, but rather the impact it will have on the characters you have in your story. If it’s a big deal to them, it will likely be something your readers care about.

You want your readers to see things from the perspective of the characters you are writing about, so the water suddenly appearing at the turn of a knob should feel like a big deal to them even if they themselves have never skipped showering a day in their lives. Your readers need to have invested themselves in the ride these characters are going through and want to see it to the end.

That said, you will still need to make sure you are creating a compelling story with a well thought out plot. Without this, your characters won’t really have much of a journey to bring your readers on so the people who pick up your book won’t be forming an emotional attachment to your work.


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