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Finding an agent to submit to


You have worked long and hard on your writing and you finally feel that you’ve got a piece worth marketing. How can you find an agent to submit to?

There are a lot of literary agents out there and each will have their specialty. This means that you will need to seek out an agent who works with writing like yours. This will help you find agents who will be willing to read your work, are more receptive to the material, and will have connections within the industry who deal with the same genre. You will likely find a lot of literary agents to potentially submit to, but you can narrow down your options further so you are able to pinpoint those who will really enjoy the piece you’ve created.

To do this, take the time to determine which agents are currently accepting submissions. Of these, look at the other writers and authors these individuals have worked with. Do any of them appeal to you? How does your work compare to them? Then, think about the publishing houses these individuals have worked with. If any of them are of interest to you, keep them on the list. You can then get background information on each of the remaining literary agents and begin to understand who they are and how they operate. Eliminate those you don’t feel would be a good fit for you and leave the remaining options. These are the people you should focus on.

This should bring your list down to a few options, which you can then prioritize into a list that will help you determine when to submit to each. Be sure to thoroughly read the submission guidelines for each agent, as some may not be accommodating to simultaneous submissions to other agents. Follow the guidelines offered to you and work down your list as is appropriate.


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