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 Getting past rejection


You have spent a long time working on your writing and you feel that you’ve perfected each piece you’ve written before submitting it anywhere. However, you haven’t always been met with a warm welcome.

How can you get past the rejection of your work?

It doesn’t matter how much you think a piece sparkles, there will always be someone who doesn’t care for it. The perfect piece may not be perfect for this season and the outlets you’re submitting to may be overloaded with wonderful stories to publish so they just can’t get to yours. Regardless of the reason, you are bound to get some rejection notices.

In many cases you won’t know why this decision was made, which can be frustrating. To get past this, you will simply need to understand that this wasn’t the right place for your work or not the right time for the piece you’ve written. It’s important to look over your writing and think about why this may have happened. Sometimes you were taking a gamble and can venture a reasonable guess as to why you were rejected. Sometimes you simply won’t have an answer, even after thanking the establishment for considering your piece.

Some places will let you know why they are sending your work back to you. This can be very helpful if you are able to keep an open mind. Your writing may be a very personal thing that you only submitted after careful consideration about what you were trying to say, but each organization is trying to portray a certain image as well and knows exactly what they are looking for in order to make this happen. Take the time to really think about any comments made on your work and understand that there will likely be some truth to the words you are offered. They may or may not be something you agree with but keeping an open mind and evaluating them can help you improve your writing or tailor it to the needs of the place you are submitting it to so you are able to have your submission accepted next time around.


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