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Compelling descriptions


You want your readers to be able to picture the story you are telling them. You want them to be able to look around the setting you’ve chosen as if they’ve actually been there and you want them to think of your characters as old friends.

How can you create compelling descriptions to make sure this happens?

Descriptive words are important, but how you use them holds even more weight when it comes to your writing. This is because anyone can list off a bunch of adjectives and give clues as to what an area looks like. However, creating a mental picture is so much more than that. This means that you are able to walk your reader through an area as though they are seeing it the way your character would. It involves knowing what is important to point out and understanding which areas you can let go of. Your character may walk into a cabin in the woods and take note of all the electronic equipment in the corner because it seems out of place there or the old blankets on the couch because they remind her of the ones her grandmother used to own. Highlighting certain aspects like this can help the room really come alive.

A proper description describes a person in terms of who they are as a whole while still placing emphasis on the traits that are important to the storyline. It also means showing the reader what you are talking about instead of simply stating a fact. For example, you can share several examples throughout your work that will show your main character being brave instead of simply stating that this is a trait she possesses. This will also give you some insight into what the character has gone through in the past and how she tends to interact with the world around her.


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