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 What to bring to a writing conference


You have been getting more serious about your writing and you feel that you are finally ready to head to a writing conference. You’ve searched high and low to find the ideal option to suit your needs and now you are preparing to enjoy your time there. What should you bring with you?

Every conference will be a bit different, so you will need to take a peek at what you will be participating in when you are packing your bag. You may need some personal items if you are staying overnight away from home, but there will be certain items required for the conference itself as well. Make sure you read up on what will be going on and that you bring along the specific items needed to participate, like a formal copy of your work if you will be speaking with an agent or having a personal meeting about it.

Generally, you will want to being along a notebook as well as a few writing utensils. Both lined and plain paper can be helpful. A laptop may be a good option, but sometimes you won’t have a desk or table to utilize so a notebook can be more convenient. Have some business cards to hand out to individuals you meet and bring along some of your writing to share, work on, or present. Have some additional money with you, as there are often books and other items for sale in and around the area that you may want to check out. Bring a briefcase or a bag of some type to keep your belongings in and to help you stay organized.

If there are any comfort items that would make your day a bit easier, bring them along as well. This may be as simple as tossing a granola bar in your bag in case you get hungry or some headphones to listen to some music when you are in between sections of the conference. A copy of the information you have about the conference may also be a good thing to keep at your side in case you have any questions or aren’t sure where you should be headed.

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