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What age group are you writing for?


Some writers begin their work with an idea in mind, while others set out to fill criteria that has already been established for them. Either way, it’s important to know what age group you are writing for so you can tailor your work to them.

To do this, you will need to get to know your audience. Learn what they like, what type of language they use, and what they do in their spare time. Think about how their daily lives play out and what their dreams are. Understanding these aspects will help you determine if your work is appropriate for your target market or if changes should be made. For example, you will want to keep things upbeat with short sentences for younger children, but children in middle school may be able to handle things a bit more intense with larger words and much longer sentences.

In looking at the age group you are writing for, you will want to keep content in mind just as much as the writing itself. This is because it all matters to the reader. If you offer content that isn’t age appropriate, there is a good chance it could contain images or messages that the reader isn’t able to handle just yet, isn’t interested in, or can’t understand fully. If the language isn’t appropriate for the age group in question the reader may not be able to grasp what you are trying to say or they may get bored with your writing.

Tailoring your writing to the age group you are trying to reach is a great way to ensure readers will be able to enjoy the story you are writing and understand the message you are trying to convey.

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