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Beginning your book


You have an idea, and you’ve taken the time to flesh everything out. You have a good mental picture regarding how your story is going to go, as you’ve outlined it extensively. However, you aren’t quite sure where to start. How should you begin your book?

There is likely a lot of information floating around in your head. You can’t wait to get it all on paper, and you want to share as much as you can with your readers so they can fall in love with your characters the way that you have. This can make it tempting to overload your audience with details and backstory, but at this point your reader may not want to be bothered with either. Often, they will need to be invested in the story before they will care about things like this. Starting off your story slowly in this manner can make people put your book down before really getting to your story.

To begin your book, you will need to find a way to hook the reader on your story. They will need to be able to latch onto the characters and get interested in the story you are trying to tell.

This often means starting off a book with some action. Think about where your story really begins and bring this to the opening of your book. In most cases, there is some type of catalyst that will set the story in motion, something that makes things different than how they have always been. This is where your readers will become interested in what you have to say, as this will set up your story to flow nicely for the remainder of the piece.

If there is backstory or additional details that need to be added, try to sprinkle them into your work in a way that will hold your readers attention. Most people will be more apt to care about things like this if they identify with your characters and have really gotten into your story.


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