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Choosing a writing conference


You have been writing for a while now, and you feel that attending a writing conference can help you get to know some people in the industry and offer you additional insight into what this type of career entails. How can you choose the right conference to attend?

Writing conferences can vary greatly in content, size, and purpose. This means that you will need to determine what you are really looking for in a conference before you can evaluate them. It also means that you will need to look at what you are willing to do to attend a conference as well.

Consider the geographic area you call home. There may be some conferences within a reasonable driving distance. In this case, you may be able to make a day trip to attend one. Others may require a few days in a hotel, or maybe even a plane ride to get there. Think about what is reasonable for you and seek out something that will work for your schedule and budget.

There is also a good chance that you will have certain things you want to learn more about within the writing and publishing industry. While some writing conferences will focus on helping you get your work published, others will focus more on writing itself. There may be agents to meet with or workshops to attend. Seek out the conferences that are covering the content you are interested in and make a point to sign up for anything that you think would be beneficial.

There are a lot of different conferences out there, and some will be quite large. These can be a wonderful way to engage with the writing community and see how diverse this industry can be. Larger conferences often have a lot of different options for lectures and workshops as well. Smaller conferences may be able to give you a different feeling and can be a wonderful way to get to know individuals who likely live nearby to the area the conference is being held. These may have more of a focus on one area of the writing world, which can be really helpful as they can be quite thorough.


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