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Should you write under a pseudonym?


You have been working on your writing for a while now, and you feel that it’s finally time to try to get your work out there to the public. Should you publish under a pseudonym?

If you are just starting out and haven’t had any of your work head out into the world just yet, you may be eager to see your name in print. However, there may be some people who would rather not, or others who worry that their birth-given name will be problematic in building a following because it is too long to remember or difficult to spell.

This is where a pseudonym can come in handy.

Using an alternate name to present your work can be a great way to overcome some of the issues associated with having your name at the end of a piece of writing. You can create a memorable name this way, and make sure that readers will be able to easily search for new work from you. You can also eliminate a name you aren’t too fond of from your professional life.

A pseudonym can also be used to differentiate your work, or to take a step back from it a bit. For example, if you tend to write books for young children but would like to also publish a novel for adults, you may choose to use a pseudonym for the latter so there is no confusion. This will keep parents from purchasing a book for their child that would be inappropriate, as they may simply order your new book without looking into it if they’ve enjoyed your others.

Using another name can also help you publish work that you don’t want people in your life knowing is yours. This can be handy for putting very controversial ideas out there, or working in a genre that can sometimes be judged by others, like erotica.


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