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You have to read if you want to write


There are a lot of ways to improve your writing, but few will help you more than reading. This is because there is an abundance of great work out there that you can use as an example.

Reading quality writing allows you to see how things are put together. You can pull individual parts of the story away from the whole, and see how the author stuck them next to one another. You can feel the flow of the story, see the descriptions offered, and get to know well-developed characters.

You can also learn a lot about technique by reading, as it offers you the opportunity to really look at how individual words come together to create vivid pictures. Consider why the author chose the words she did, and take a look at what information was offered to the reader. See how anticipation was created, and a sense of urgency was produced.

It’s important to seek out experts when you are trying to learn something new, as these individuals are the ones who have really honed their craft to near perfection. Seeing someone do something well is one of the best ways to figure out how to do it yourself, as it will give you something to strive for when you dive in and give it a shot on your own.

Reading a lot will help you understand the differences between writers as well. It’s important to develop your own voice and to be able to tell stories that are uniquely your own. This is where being an avid reader can really help you out, as you will be able to tell what sets one writer apart from another. In turn, this will help you develop your own unique flare to bring to your own work.

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