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Elevator pitch basics


You have been writing for a while now, and you feel that you are finally at the stage where you have a piece worth marketing. However, to do this you will need to get someone interested in your work. This is where the basic elevator pitch can come into play.

You may have heard of an elevator pitch before. In short, it is a quick way to give information about a project and hopefully drum up some interest in it. The name of this pitch stems from the idea that you should be able to get your point across within the time it takes to ride with someone on an elevator, as this may be all the time you have.

To create an effective elevator pitch, you will need to really know your writing well. Luckily, since you wrote it, this shouldn’t be a problem. You will then need to pick out the important parts of your work and settle them into a few quick statements. When doing so, you should think about your target market, what the goal of the piece is, and why you feel it’s relevant right now. You should also be seeking out things that set your work apart from everything else that’s out there, as this is where you can really get someone hooked. Everyone is always looking for the next big thing, and you never know, you may have created it.

You should also be aware of who you plan on giving this pitch to. Different people will be interested in different things, and it’s to your benefit to tailor your pitch to a specific individual or organization if you get the chance to do so. This idea is very similar to bringing certain skills to light on your resume for different positions.

You should also think about potential follow up questions an interested party may have. If they want more information, you need to be able to readily supply it.


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