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Creating your platform


You consider yourself to be a writer, but you realize that you are still at the very beginning of your career. You don’t have work out there that’s bringing in too many new followers, and you don’t have devoted fans writing to tell you how amazing your pieces are. How can you begin to establish your platform?

Your writing platform is designed to get your name out there and help people find your work. You can think of this as your metaphorical soap box from which you shout:

“Hey! This is who I am and what I do!”

Your platform is going to include several different things. It will likely involve a general history of your work, in addition to the activities you take part in to help others take note of said work. In today’s day and age, this will likely include a pretty heavy online presence complete with social media outlets for you to get to know potential readers. It will also mean heading to conferences, writing groups, and generally putting yourself out there.

Establishing this is important, as it helps prove your credibility as a writer. Creating a platform that will allow for others to keep you on their radar so you can let them know about upcoming projects. It will also help established readers keep up with your work and get to know more about you.

Your platform can help you make new connections, since other writers are out there creating their platforms too. Publishers and other potential employers will be more comfortable taking a chance on your work if they see that you have a bit of a following already as well.

It takes some time, but making sure you have a solid platform can really help you get the ball rolling when you are starting out as a writer.

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