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Getting the most out of your writing time


Your writing time is when you really get things done, and make progress with your pieces. This means that in order for you to be an effective writer, you will need to make the most of this time.

To do this, it’s a good idea to have a game plan in place. This means that you will need to think about what you need to accomplish, and what order these tasks must take place in. You may find some things can be moved around in your schedule while others will depend on certain tasks being completed, so you will need to wait to move on to them. Estimate how long each task will take, and figure out what you will need to complete it. You should also identify tasks that can be done on their own, and which will need to be completed in conjunction with others.

Consider how much time you have available to you to write on any given day, and what can be done within this time. Then, take a look at what you have to do. You will need to select a task from your list, and some line items may fit better into what you have available than others.

Now that you know what you are going to do and when, you will need to make sure you can actually make this happen. Take a moment or two before sitting down to work to ensure everything in your environment has been tended to. Let other household members know you will be working, remove distractions from your desk, and get anything you will need to stay focused, like a nice cup of tea to sip on so you won’t need to get up for a while.

Think about the days that you have gotten a lot done, and try to determine why this was the case. Your goal is to replicate these circumstances so you can concentrate and produce content in a quick but enjoyable manner. For example, if getting a good night’s sleep helps you write, make a point to head to bed at a reasonable time.

Whatever is needed to get you going on a piece should be considered, and planning ahead of time can really make a difference in your overall time spent writing.

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