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Having confidence in your writing

Having confidence in your writing

Writing can be a very personal endeavor, and it can be easy to keep your work under wraps until you think it’s perfect. However, there’s a good chance that you might never find it this way, and sharing your writing could actually help you make it better.

It’s important to remember that your writing is a work in progress at most times, and that this means that input from others can help you see the piece from the eyes of your readers. It can help you clarify areas that are a bit fuzzy to anyone but you, as you likely have lots of backstory in your head that others don’t know about.

It’s also important to remember that your writing, while close to your heart and containing parts of your personality, is something that you are creating. Any criticism isn’t directly headed your way, but rather, is there to help you better your creation. Make sure you don’t take these comments as a personal attack, and that you consider what people are saying to determine if their words hold any weight with the piece you are working on.

Even after you’ve finished a piece and you’ve taken the time to make it shiny, there can still be a bit of trepidation in letting others read it. This is both normal and natural, as everyone wants their work to be well-received. However, your writing won’t be a favorite of everyone. Just as a chef can create a magnificent meal and have lots of people raving, there will still be a few who don’t care for her dishes. They simply don’t suit their taste.

Writing can give you a voice you may otherwise not have, and it allows you to say something to others in a way they can relate with. This is powerful, and shouldn’t be taken for granted. If you are brave enough to put your thoughts on paper and create something you are proud of, have the courage to share it and see what kind of an impact you can have on the world.


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