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How to keep life from getting in the way of your writing

How to keep life from getting in the way of your writing

You love to write, and you relish the idea of taking a seat at your desk and pounding out a good story. However, it can be easy for other parts of your life to get in the way of this.

To make sure you keep writing, you will need to make this part of your life a priority. Most people work outside of the home, so they assume that since you are in fact at your residence, that what you are doing can be interrupted. Since this simply isn’t the case, you will politely need to tell them so. Take the time to give the people in your life hours when you are able to talk and hang out, but be firm with the time you are to spend writing. Having a stable writing schedule can help with this, but this may not always be possible.

Since you are likely to have other aspects of life swirling around you while you work, you will need to be able to keep yourself from becoming distracted. Remove items that grasp your attention from your workspace, and try to determine what will help you focus on the task at hand. For some people, this will mean taking the time to enjoy some music while working, as this will help drown out other noises coming from your living space. For others, it will mean creating a quite space where they can spend some time on their own.

Your goal should be to find a way to keep other obligations from taking over your writing time. It’s important to remember that you will never reach your writing goals if you let other things get in the way of them. It’s also important to have some balance in your life, so try to come up with a writing schedule that will leave you able to still enjoy other aspects of your life as well.

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