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Finding a publishing house to submit to

Finding a publishing house to submit to

You have put in the time to write, rewrite, edit, and perfect a piece of writing. You have had others look it over, and you have listened to their feedback. You feel that your story is relevant and that people will really be interested in reading it. You think it’s time to seek out a publishing house to see if they would be interested in your work.

How do you find the right publishing house to submit to?

You will first need to consider how you will be submitting your work, or rather, who will be submitting it. Working with a literary agent has significant benefits, and can open some doors that may otherwise be closed to you. Take the time to determine which publishing houses you can submit to by the means you are planning to do so.

Narrow down your options to only those that cater to your genre and target audience as these will be the publishing houses that are most likely to take you on. Research the work they’ve published in the past, and see how yours measures up. Think about the terms that were offered to other authors if available.

You can then narrow down your options even further by making a point to look at the companies on their own. Find options that go with your beliefs and foster a culture that you feel you will be able to fit in with. Figure out how each company wants you to submit your work, and make a point to follow their instructions.

It’s important to do your homework when looking for a publishing house, as this could make a big difference in your publishing experience overall. Submitting to a few well-targeted options is much better than simply tossing your work out there for all to see. This will, in the end, save you a lot of time and a ton of rejection.


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