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Cultivating your writing notebook

Cultivating your writing notebook

Every good writer has something in common – they write. Most of them will write hard and furiously. They will work as hard as they can and be driven to care for more than just their fair share of space on the bookshelves at the library. However, even if you have grand dreams of joining the ranks of other great writers, all stories have to start somewhere. All ideas begin with something, and you will need to evaluate each and every one you think could be promising in order to weed out the best from the crowd.

This is where a writing notebook can really help you.

We’ve all had that great idea that slipped through our fingertips. This may be because it crossed our minds at the grocery store or at a family dinner and you simply couldn’t remember it later on. Having a notebook on hand can help you jot down everything you need to keep up with your thoughts, and to help you bring them back to mind later on as well.

Consider bringing a notebook along with you whenever you head out of the house. Have one next to your bed, and in places around your home where you tend to spend the most time. Make them small enough so they aren’t cumbersome in the places you want to keep them, or keep one master notebook at remains by your side at all times. Pick a pen or pencil that entices you to utilize it. We all know that one instrument that’s begging to be written with. You can splurge on this fancy pen if you feel the need, or you can simply go with what you have on hand at the moment.

Write down your ideas as they come to you. This may mean putting a few notes down here and there, or you may be fleshing out other ideas you’ve had in the past. You may be making lists or simply writing down a name you heard that you liked. If it comes to mind, write it down so you don’t lose it. This way, when you have time to sit down and work on a project you can open up your notebook to see if there is anything that needs addressing.

Getting things out of your head and onto paper can be very therapeutic as well. It ensures you that your idea will be able to be considered at a later time, allowing your mind to head to other places instead of being stuck in one spot. This can lead to further creative development as it allows your mind to wander more freely.

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