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Creating a writing habit

Creating a writing habit

You have been writing for a little while now, and you’ve really been enjoying the process. However, you’re finding that some days allow you to get things done easily, while others can be a bit of a struggle. Writing is an art form, so you are wondering if you should only be writing on the days you feel motivated to do so. This makes sense, right?

In theory, maybe. However, in practice this is simply a really great way to never get anything done. Ever.

Yes, writing can be an incredibly creative endeavor, and it can really involve a lot of imaginations. But not all of it will. Some of the process will seem a bit tedious, and a lot of it will be just plain old hard work.

If you only sit down to work on your writing when you are feeling inspired, you will miss a lot of the opportunities you could be bettering your skills. Creating a habit of writing will help you not only get what you want onto the paper, but also polish everything up so it can look as pretty as it possibly can.

To create a writing habit, you will first need to determine what your goals are. Do you have a deadline to meet? Are you simply looking at a hobby you’d like to pursue? Whatever the case, you will need to go into the endeavor with the end in sight. Consider what it will take to achieve these goals, and determine what you will need to do in order to get there.

Set aside time to write as you see fit. This will ideally be some time every day so you can get used to writing on a daily basis. Take this time seriously, and guard it against things that my steal it away from you. Even if you’ve put self-imposed deadlines into place, you still don’t want to forgo this time should something else come up, as it will keep you from heading toward your overall goal. This is a commitment you’ve made to the piece you are working on, and to yourself.

If you really don’t feel like writing, just start working. You are likely to find that once you get the ball rolling it becomes easier. Over time, this habit will help get you in the right mindset when you sit down and it will become easier to get things done, even when you feel uninspired. It will also ensure that you are continually making progress.

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