Writing…Easy, Right?

Writing...easy, right?

Writing. It sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Put a pen to some paper and see what comes out. Tap on the keyboard for a while and print the pages. Just about anyone can do that. In fact, the act of physically writing is quite simple. It’s the act of writing well that can be troubling.

Being a writer doesn’t mean that you’re work is done once you put your thoughts on paper. You have a responsibility to your work after the words appear outside yourself, even if you never intended on having anyone else read it.

The issue here is that someone could read it, and if they did, what would they take away from it? Could your words prompt serious action? Change people’s opinions of the world around them?

Now, This doesn’t mean placing yourself in a situation where you can’t write anything for fear that it will be taken to extremes. It merely means that regardless of what you write, you need to be sure of the ideas you are putting forth. Take the extra time to seek the perfect words that will allow you to be clear and understandable to the reader. Go the extra mile and allow for new ground to be covered.

You see, whenever you write anything, there needs to be some morality involved. The writer who moves people to commit atrocities may try to distance themselves from the act by pointing out that they themselves weren’t involved in the act. But were they completely innocent? As innocent as someone who has absolutely no knowledge or ties to the incident at all?

You be the judge. But I know I wouldn’t want my words misconstrued so I choose them carefully.


3 thoughts on “Writing…Easy, Right?

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