Developing Compelling Characters

Developing compelling characters

Character development can be a tricky thing for writers. Without compelling characters, storylines can’t hold up the weight of the story. After all, it doesn’t matter what’s happening if you don’t care who it’s happening to.

So how do you make a character relatable but still different enough from the reader to be interesting?

  • Be sure you are creating the character for he right reasons. Are they essential to the story? Do they help further he plot? Whats heir purpose in the piece?
  • Take a look at the character independent of the story. Do his/her actions line up with the type of person you are presenting them to be? Does it make sense for him/her to be acting the way you intend them to?
  • Look at your character alongside the story. Do the circumstances you present them with allow them to grow? To change? For the reader to get a glimpse inside their motives?
  • Provide enough of the characters world for the reader to understand their actions. Most characters don’t live in a world by themselves. They have friends, family, and¬†acquaintances that they depend on, and that depend upon them. They have people that will react to their actions, thus influencing them. Be sure not to go overboard on characters though. Remember that any characters that make it into the story should be those that have a direct impact on it.

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